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The Connaught Square Practice

41 Connaught Square
W2 2HL
Telephone: 0207 402 4026
Fax: 02074023342

Practice Policies and Complaints Procedures


Your Electronic Record and Sharing of Information


Connaught Square General Practice - Whole Systems integrated Care(WSIC) Fair Processing Notice - To Read Fair Processing Notice please click on the link below:


How We Use Your Information 


Connaught Square General Practice - Summary Care Record (SCR) Statement of Intent


Under the new NHS GP GMS Contract (2014/2015 requirements), all GP practices are required to provide an automated upload of any changes to a patient's summary information, at least once every working day, to the Summary Care Record (SCR). 

We have been advised that we should put these requirements in place as soon as possible after 1 April 2014 and must, by 30 September 2014, publicise our statement of intent at the practice premises and, on our website.  The Health Secretary has also set a deadline of April 2015 for practices to provide online access to their own records, which as a minimum means giving patients access to the information contained in their Summary Care Record upload.

Summary Care Records contain details of a patient’s key health information – medications, allergies and adverse reactions.  They are accessible to authorised healthcare staff in emergency settings in England and can support better, safer prescribing of medication for patients by providing up-to-date information on a patient’s allergies, previous adverse reactions and medications.  Patient care can be supported by healthcare staff having faster access to their medical information and patients may not be required to repeat information to different NHS staff treating them.

Over 60% of GP surgeries in England have already gone live with the SCR and 64% of patients nationally now have a Summary Care Record.  Central London is currently one of only 4 CCGs in London not to have any practices uploading Summary Care Records (the others are Camden, Ealing, and Hillingdon).

The local NHS IT Strategic Team plan to start  running all the relevant checks and assurance work on our system, and upload, and will train GPs and practice staff  how to use the consent model.  There is no fixed timetable for this roll out. We will keep patients informed by displaying posters and leaflets in the waiting areas and include information on our website and Newsletters. We will continue to record SCR opt outs at the point of registration.  If this is not currently part of your registration process, it should be incorporated into it

Please note that this is the statement of intent that by September 30th Connaught Square Practice will have had our system uploaded to the SCR and deliver SCR to our patients.  

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact Clare Magona, Connaught Square's Practice Manager on 0207 402 4026.  

Your Choice

You can choose to have a Summary Care Record. If you would like one, you don't need to do anything. It will happen automatically. If you don’t want a Summary Care Record you can opt out by signing the opt out form and giving this into the reception.

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